Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

OK, here's an example of a customer special order.
Marcy Rossi calls last week and says "I need a plate for my friend who is turning 40 on Friday, she has lived in Italy and Mexico, maybe you can put Happy Birthday on it in different languages" Her friend's mom had a special plate she put at the birthday person's place at the dinner table while she was growing up...

(I picture those red ones with the white writing that say TODAY IS YOUR DAY or CELEBRATE) Nice tradition.

So, hopefully Julie is not looking at my blog and will be suprised when Marcy whips this out at dinner on Friday! Happy 40th Julie Griffin!!!!!

The plate I used is from Williams Sonoma .... Apilco Porcelain from France....feels great!
All in all, a lovely "under $50" unique gift.

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