Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Antique suitcase show, Summerwind Gallery

Karen, the owner of Summerwind Gallery, loves old suitcases. She had a show where several artists were given an antique suitcase and told to do whatever they wanted! I knew a little bit about the suitcase I worked with. It had come to Isleton from New York. I made up the rest about its former owner.....A writer, a young man. Images painted on the back lid and sides tell more about him. click over image to enlarge. K
In my mind this is the boy's mother, he is travelling a lot and misses home a bit.

I wanted to give a child's sailboat feel to the pages floating out of the typewriter.

Those were my beloved red thongs from years ago....found in the attic.

Still setting up. Wish I had photos of the other suitcases! They were so cool. Maybe on the summerwind site?


Julie said...

Hi Kathleen. I wish I were there.. (sigh~).. Julie

Anonymous said...

Aw man, I wish I would have known about this show. I love old suitcases. I can only imagine what great ideas you guys came up with. (Glad to see you're blogging now)
--Lauren (the News-Sentinel)