Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A girl goes to Brooklyn

I arrive Wednesday October 3rd only to realize I've left some merchandise, as well as display items in the garage at home.  They were to be added after luggage to keep from breaking...

This painting of Chawton Cottage was unfortunately left in PA
(if any of you Janeites wants a crack at it let me know!)

I set up best I could without my large silver tray
 or velvet bunting I'd prepared for the table...
once ready for the next four days I hit the hay.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday I made friends,

met the Jane Austen Society rock star
Juliet Mc Master,
got to squeeze and thank Sonya Chopra
for telling Susan Wagner (while purchasing the Jane Austen teaset
at Voila!) to tell me about the Jane Austen Society of North America.
Those two big shopping bags she's holding are full of pure hokum,
what a dear, sweet lady!
 I walked to the river and looked over at Manhattan,
 then toward the bridge to Grimaldi's Pizza.
Sunday I packed up my props and a few unsold items and headed home.

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