Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Studio at Barbara's house

My Studio is around the corner
from my house at Barbara Brooks'
She had an extra room and grew tired of seeing me move projects from
one place to another in my little house so we could sit down!

Left is a cow card from Karen sent twenty years ago and a door painted by my dad.

Below is a photo of our sweet daughter Tori in front of a japanese plate with a piece of painted drift wood leaning on it, a cheese dome B.B. sent me from "Little Rhodie".
A love note Tori left me on the little white board (below right) with an old Giusti's menu signed by Erle Stanley Gardner. A card from Noelie and a vintage powder box (love the color)

A green cup with a palm tree for Linda's gift shop at Korth's Pirates Lair marina.
I have a line of coffee cards my sister Cindy and I thought up after too much wine at dinner one night.
"I like my coffee like my men.... (fill in the blank)" Strong, rich, tan, sweet, mountain grown, black, French, Italian, with sweet little buns, on the veranda, first thing in the morning.....
Audrey thought of the image of coffee cup stains on the front. Thanks Aud.
Everyone thought this said "shave" and it's supposed to say "share" , so I benched it and did another one with a better 'r'....

Libby Lou Little dog likes to sit on my lap as I paint,
she belongs to Barbara...."auntie B."

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