Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Antique Bottles

Scroll down to the post just before this one to get the story on these bottles.......
I am going to paint a bunch more today, I can't wait! The imperfections of the old bottles are so fun to work with and incorporate into the images.

I grew up in an old house and attribute my love of all antiques to this. I don't like new perfect things. Give me worn, soft stuff with character any day!
Old books, jewelry, suitcases....I love to think of all they have seen. My dad gave me a jar of old coins when I was little. Actually, the old tobacco tin they are in is almost as precious to me as the coins themselves.

Maybe that's what I love about the delta. It is rough around the edges. Not too pretty, like some moist tropical place. The weeds get dry and scratchy this time of year.

There's a subtle beauty here, the sky reflected in the still river at can take a deeper breath and relax. Life is a bit slower in the delta. (not just when you get behind someones tractor on the levee road either!)
One farmer had a bumpersticker I loved. It said:
"Don't like sharing the road with farm equipment, don't EAT!"

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Chic Little Shop said...

Hello Kathleen
I love these old bottles, they are so precious.
x Julie